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Last week, I contacted some of the top growth marketing companies asking if they were interested in helping out my audience in these unfortunate times by providing some goodwill deals.

Luckily, many great companies wanted to help out my audience straight away.

Today, I'm making all of these private deals public, to help out every founder who comes across this page. Enjoy and stay safe ­čÖé


1. Click on the card of any deal below to open the full view for that deal - you'll be able to access the instructions on how to redeem the deal and more information about the company/special offer, once the card is open.

2. Keep scrolling down to see all the listed deals.

3. You can sort these deals any way you want - just click on the filter/sort option on the top of the table to order them. (Desktop only)

4. (Important) None of these deals are affiliate offers - this means I won't be making any sort of financial gain if you redeem them.

P.S: Want to help this cause or get your company's goodwill deal featured? Send me an email to the address at the bottom of the page.

Made with ­čĺľ and social distancing for founders and marketeers.

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Thank You.

Please check your email inbox now to confirm your email and receive your PDF. ­čôą

The email with the PDF guide is titled: "Goodwill Marketing PDF".

After confirming your email, you'll instantly be able to read your Video Targeting Strategy PDF guide.

Thanks again and good luck with your digital marketing journey - I'll do my best to make it great.

Made with ­čĺľ and social distancing for founders and marketeers.